Tender, Achy PMS Breasts?

Try the daily non-hormone supplement that helps alleviate monthly breast discomfort and promotes breast health.*

What are


The tenderness, aches, swelling and heaviness you feel before (and often during) your period is real. These are some symptoms of fibrocystic breasts, a condition many of us just call PMS breasts” because it coincides with other menstrual-related discomforts.

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Common Symptoms

Menstrual-related breast discomfort symptoms vary from woman to woman and month to month, but there are some telltale symptoms that most women can relate to, including:

  • Your breasts become tender to the touch when your period is coming.
  • Your breasts may feel heavy, swollen and lumpy or even dense and hard. You cringe at the thought of hugging and avoid intimacy.
  • You forego certain types of exercise and change sleeping positions because it hurts or feels uncomfortable.
  • You have to upsize your bra and wear non-restrictive clothing or wear a sports bra all day!

Fortunately, there is finally a solution to help alleviate monthly breast discomfort.*

Violet® Iodine

Feel better in

A revolution in women’s breast health.

It’s a daily regimen that alleviates the symptoms you experience with your monthly cycle – like breast tenderness, aches, heaviness and swelling*. Violet iodine doesn’t just mask the discomfort temporarily; it actually promotes better breast health*. When you take a simple pill every day the result is true relief and reassurance that you’re proactively taking care of your breasts.

Get the burden of breast discomfort off your chest. With Violet iodine you’re just 60 days away from the start of a “new normal” – a life where breast discomfort doesn’t get in the way.

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A daily regimen for better health.

A daily regimen for better health.

Staying healthy means finding a routine that works for you– exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep – and sticking to it.

One Violet pill every day is an easy addition to your routine that can make a huge difference in how you feel month after month. A daily regimen delivers real relief from menstrual-related breast discomfort AND helps maintain breast health*.

55% of women believe


there's a link between breast cancer and breast density

“Molecular iodine can help women

improve their own breast health.”

-Dr. Lisa Masterson, OB/GYN

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