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Violet® iodine has created the non-hormone standard of care for cyclic breast discomfort!

It’s the first molecular iodine pill that helps alleviate the symptoms of fibrocystic breast changes, including*
  • cyclic mastalgia
  • breast tenderness
  • swelling
  • aches
Product Information

Iodine Overview  Clinical studies have demonstrated safety and efficacy of molecular iodine. One of these studies involved 2,242 women who were given one of three treatment protocols.

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Violet Iodine Product Sheet  Violet iodine is the only molecular iodine treatment that addresses cyclic breast discomfort and is clinically demonstrated to alleviate the symptoms associated with fibrocystic breast changes including cyclic mastalgia, tenderness, swelling and aches.*

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Managing FBC and Pain: Perspectives for the Clinician Fibrocystic breast changes (FBC) occur in approximately 50% of women of child- bearing age, and some studies indicate that the lifetime prevalence of FBC may be as high as 70% to 90%.

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    • "Managing Fibrocystic Breast Changes (FBC) and Cyclic Mastalgia with Molecular Iodine" Webcast

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      Join Dr. Lee Shulman as he discusses molecular iodine, a new option for management of fibrocystic breast changes and cyclic mastalgia.
    • Understanding Iodine Supplementation: A Conversation with Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO
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      Fibrocystic breast changes are very common, affecting approximately half of women in their lifetimes. Though the condition is benign, it can cause tenderness, pain, and swelling, and other uncomfortable symptoms. In this interview, Natural Medicine Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO, explains how she uses iodine supplementation for women with fibrocystic breast changes. She also describes mechanisms of action and the various forms and sources of iodine.

    • Optimizing Breast Health: Managing Fibrocystic Breast Changes and Mastalgia
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      Breast problems are a common reason why women visit their health care providers. This activity will discuss and expand upon the identification and management of fibrocystic breast changes and mastalgia. Join Dr. Lee Shulman, Dr. Shawna Willey, and Susan Wysocki, WHNP, FAANP while they review the management of fibrocystic breast disease and mastalgia from the perspective  of three different and unique healthcare providers. Full transcript available to download.

Clinical Evidence and Journal Articles

Review the molecular iodine clinical studies
Clinical Evidence

“The Effect of Supraphysiologic Levels of Iodine on Patients with Cyclic Mastalgia”

Kessler JH The Breast Journal, 2004; 10(4)

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“Iodine Replacement in Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast”

Ghent WR, Eskin BA, Low DA, Hill LP CJS Oct. 1993; 36(5)

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“Iodine Consumption and Breast Health: Growing awareness among medical professionals leads to greater concern”

Lee Shulman, MD, Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses Sep. 2015

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