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This stuff works – seriously! I suffered for years with tender, sore and just overall achy boobs. Exercising made them ache, and I actually had to wear a sports bra to bed every night just to get a little relief. I read about Violet on a blog. I checked with my doctor and he said it was fine to take even though I am also on birth control. I started taking it every day and within 1 period cycle I could actually FEEL the difference. So, I slacked off a little and stopped taking it and immediately noticed a difference. I didn’t realize just how bad my boobs hurt before.

I’m not usually the review writing type but using this product has been such a huge help for me that I felt compelled. I dread that time of the month. Like clockwork, my boobs swell up about a week before my period starts. I exercise everyday, but have to stop when this happens. Violet has been amazing… Way less tender after a month and then this month it was barely there at all. The most incredible part is that after the 3rd month of taking it, my period came and I had no idea it was time because my boobs just felt normal. Life changing.
-Asheley P.**

The hype is real – My friend told me about this about a year ago, but I wrote it off as the next trendy thing that probably wouldn’t work. Ok, so I was wrong… For me PMS comes with the typical annoying abdominal cramps… But the heaviness I felt in my boobs was more than just annoying, it HURT, and I couldn’t cure it at all, even taking Tylenol never really helped. I finally tried Violet and now I can say I’m a “believer”.
-SA Allen**

This month was different than [past months], because since taking [Violet iodine] daily, I have no breast pain. None. It is great to be able to do things that you have not done in years, like be hugged, wear a full coverage bra or even jump for joy.
– April C.**

I did take…Violet Iodine [sic], and it literally took me a few days into my menstrual cycle to realize that I wasn’t concerned about breast pain. I was too busy doing and enjoying life that I’d even forgotten that there was a time in my life when my boobs were a nuisance. Yep, no tenderness, no aches, no swelling.
-Ashley S.**

Let me start by saying that it worked! I was delightfully impressed. I didn’t get full results, so my pain wasn’t completely gone, but I could definitely feel a difference. Of course, Violet states that symptom relief may take up to 60 days. I’ve only been using Violet for about 28 days, so I’m sure as I continue I’ll keep feeling the results.
-Brittany S.**

Violet Iodine has changed my life!  Within my first 30 days of taking it, I noticed a significant improvement and pain relief. Violet Iodine has been a life changer, not just because of the pain relief, but what that relief means to my everyday life. I feel more confident, I’ve been more active and I can now wear the same size bra throughout the month.
-Chrissy E.**

While I was taking Violet [iodine] I not only had relief, but no bad side effects at all. It was so easy to take just 1 pill a day.  It did not bother any of my medicines I already take. Like I said it was nice to have relief. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, among a list of other issues and I will take any relief I can find. I do not know if it is just me but it seemed to even lessen my fibro pain. Maybe it was just because I had relief in an area close to a lot of other areas that hurt me, like my shoulders and neck.  I really highly recommend you give this a try if you have breast discomfort!
-Laura S.**

I am happy to report that thanks to the help of Violet Iodine I was able to lift my hands and do some extreme sports without pain. Yes, not only[sic] enjoying swimming at the pool and play[ing] sports with my son but I even went ziplining without pain… Being able to lift my hands without having pressure during that time of the month was so good. I noticed a change on the swelling as well. I did not experienced any side effects…
-Monica Y.**

So I started taking Violet Iodine thirty days ago right along with the other supplements that I already take every morning. I didn’t notice any kind of side effects at all…except for one. IT WORKED! This past month I am happy to say that I had none of the tenderness. Absolutely no heaviness, and no swelling. As a matter of fact, my breasts didn’t hurt at all for the first time since before I started having my periods. I only wish I had found this product sooner. I think of all the years I suffered and here there was something so simple that took all of pain away!
-Rena M.**

I have multiple fibrous cysts in both my breasts. I stopped running because they always hurt and while pms-ing I would sometimes put ice on them they hurt so much. I have been using Violet Iodine for almost a year now. I didn’t truly know how much my Violet Iodine helped until I went away recently and didn’t bring it with me. I definitely noticed a difference in the pain. I had shooting pains when I got back from not using my Violet Iodine and I will never go on vacation without it again! My breast pain is not completely gone but it is manageable now. I can run again. Violet Iodine didn’t shrink my cysts but made them less painful. I hope this helps some. I can be more active again because Violet Iodine makes the pain more manageable.
-Ellen W.**

I have suffered for years and found the Violet site on the internet after surfing for help. I placed an order on another site and after 39 days in, I am pain free. I can “go in for the hug” as others have stated. I am in my early 50’s and decided to try it since this problem is such an interference in my daily life. Hugs hurt, exercise hurts, I have to wear a sports bra to bed every night, etc….I brought in to my doctor during my checkup and he said it was fine to take it thankfully. I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more appreciative for this product. I just ordered a second 60 day packet. I will update again in a couple months but for now, I highly recommend as we women with this problem can relate to how unbearable it can be. Thank You Violet Daily! It is easy to take every morning for so much relief! Where have you been, LOL!
-Pam G.**

I’ve been using this product every day for about 3 months. I was interested in finding something to help with monthly breast pain and for breast health. I have been reading about supplementing with iodine for breast health and this product was a perfect way to do just that! I have noticed a tremendous reduction in breast soreness, almost none. I also have peace of mind that I am promoting breast health by supplementing with iodine. I was apprehensive at first because the cost was a little high, but just last month the price went down tremendously. This is a painless solution to no more breast pain and healthy breasts!
-Lori M.**

So glad I found these iodine supplements!! I suffer from fibrocystic breast tissue. Which means that during ovulation and my menstrual cycle, I experience extreme pain and discomfort in my breasts. I can usually feel my breasts becoming really “full” feeling and very hard as well as lumpy. My fear was that I had breast cancer so I went in to check out my lumps. My Dr. put me on a iodine and vitamin E regimen to help reduce the symptoms. I was so happy to find the iodine in these super friendly packs! I am extremely forgetful and I often forget to take my supplement every day. These little compacts were so easy to slip in my purse. So now I carry them with me in case I forget to take them. You should take them every morning before a meal. The pill is really small and easy to swallow. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my breast pain, swelling, and tenderness in the month that I have been taking these. My feeling of fullness/hardness has lessened with my last period and my lumps have gotten softer and less worrysome. I will absolutely continue my use of these! If this is something you struggle with, it’s worth you trying it! I will be showing these to my DR at my next visit so he can recommend to other patients. I received a discount for this product in exchange for my honest review.
-Jeanetta J.**

I have suffered with what I’ll classify as moderate to severe breast pain and swelling for years! The pain would start usually 2 full weeks before my period and greatly interfere with my life. Desperate for any relief I came across this product and decided why not give it a try. I’ve almost finished the 2nd pack and have ordered some more! While the pain is not completely gone, it didn’t start nearly as early in my cycle and the pain is not as severe so I’ll call it a win!
-Madeline K.**

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